First and foremost, I am a world traveler spending the last nineteen years sojourning in Asia.  I have a background in law enforcement, newspaper writing, podcasting, vlogging and blogging.  I have a BA degree in International Studies with a minor in Asian Studies and a BA degree in Chinese.  I write about anything and everything that piques my interest.  I have held licenses in aviation, ship and yacht brokering, and a California Driver’s License of which I am the most proud.  I am a jazz/classical musician with a more than passing competency on the piano.  I am currently working on a book about my Hollywood years hanging out with my thespian friend.

Whew!  I’m glad to get those egocentric details out of the way.  Basically, during my life, I hope I have encouraged, informed, motivated, planted a seed, entertained, and passed something forward to justify my existence on this planet.